Hey Kevin Vugrinovich with the simple words you can use to help you recruit daily!

Here’s the first 3. “I’m just curious…”

These simple three words can increase your sense of willingness to hear what your prospect is about to say and it lowers their guard! If I’ve met someone on Facebook that is already in a business almost always the first few messages will include “I’m just curious what business are you in?” Let them answer… in full no matter how long that may take. Some people are long winded.  These questions not only open up new information for yourself but allow you approach with your opportunity softly.

Here’s your next underhand softball, the next 4  words. “I just found out…”

“I just found out how to get 70 leads from ONE post in groups” This one is true! Checkout the 45 sec video here.  This works great with a cliff hanger technique.  After you give your “I just found out” statement leave them with a “Anyway, I have to go get my kids.” The next time you speak they will be begging you to tell them how.

Here are the last 5. “Would it be ok if…”

Would it be ok if I shared a link with you? It’s polite and you are asking permission. I cant’t tell you how many people demand  that I share my opportunity with them after I use these simple phrases. 99% of them will say yes! You will get more eyeballs on your offer and close more business.

A big thank you to Steve Porter and Tom “Big Al” Schreiter

Source: http://bit.ly/2b7st3C