New walkthrough guide for email marketing leads and building a list.

Creating an email list is quite easy in theory. All you have to do is get people on to your list, email them and generate revenue. Highly skilled and creative email marketers can generate tens of thousands of dollars per month. Most of them won’t tell you just how long or how much they paid to have their large lists of hungry buyers.

There are a lot of moving pieces in any business and I hope  to help you gain an understanding of how this marketing machine works. Email is only one of many parts of any successful business.


Multi billion dollar corporations, Fortune 500 companies and almost every business uses one. It’s effective at converting at a very high percentage and if done the right way it can have a HUGE impact for any business.

If your overall goal really isn’t sales, you still need an avenue to keep your visitors coming back to your site. Every email is an opportunity to communicate to your audience that you and your brand are relevant.


Autoresponders and email marketing platforms

An autoresponder will send out emails for you automatically when you schedule them to deliver after someone has signed up to your list. Also, you are able to email your list at any time outside of the normally scheduled follow up.

My best recommendation for new people is Aweber and Get Response. Why?email list building tools

Two reasons, deliver-ability (meaning your emails will actually make it to the inbox) and ease of use. Get response does have a slight edge on the ease of use but Aweber has an advantage on the deliver-ability. In my opinion.
email list building tools

If you need help with the setup of either service, please search YouTube for tutorials on how to. There are plenty of resources and it exceeds the scope of this guide.

Capture and Landing Pages

You’ll need a way to get people on to your email list. A capture page will help you collect name, email addresses and in some cases, phone numbers. For example, here is my capture page, Click Here.

If you notice there is not much to my capture page, but it’s effective for a few reasons we will discuss in this post.

A landing page or sales page is simply what someone will see after they have entered their information and will direct them to the next page. If you enter your information in my capture page, you will see the sales page afterward.

If you are looking for a capture page how to, I can provide you with that as well in our Work From Home group.


After you’ve put together a a few capture pages and some landing pages… what now? We will explore some of the tactics I use to put people on my list daily in just a moment.

Advertise effectively and possibly offer something for free in exchange for an email address. Capture pages should convert at around 20-50% depending on wording or offer.

My best performing capture pages are nothing but simple text and work well because of the curiosity factor. If you’ve taken the time to look at my capture page in the link above, you’ll notice that there’s not much there. I’ve found through testing that if you add a video, the conversion rate goes down.

Look at another of my capture pages that converts at 40%.

Here’s a great example of curiosity advertising:

You can begin to understand that I intentionally did not give the name of the product that I’m using in this video because I’d like whomever is interested in duplicating this result to take the action of entering their information in my capture page.

Duplicate my results on Facebook here.


Again, this is all from curiosity, There is the possiblility of being able to have these pages perform better if I was offering a freebie.  Some of you may not have access to freebies to just give away.

There happens to be a resource that will allow you to download the resell rights and give away freebies as you see fit. It’s completely free to join and download software and ebooks from this site. You are then able to offer them as click bait for your advertising and optin bait for your capture pages.

Click Here to get unlimited freebie giveaways.


Having a full sales funnel built out before you start adding people to your email list is important. If you imagine that your capture pages and email list are the vehicle you’ll need to put passengers in to go along for the ride.

  1. Create content – This is going to be a blogpost, video or other social media post that offers value and creativity.
  2. If you have a list, email the content to your email list
  3. Create a video about your content (FB Live, YouTube)
  4. Post your video to all social media outlets (Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, etc.)
  5. Don’t forget to post the content video to your Facebook page also
  6. Make a short video about your content, create image quotes from your content and post any other image that will draw people to your content on Instagram
  7. Scrape the audio from your video(s) to use on SoundCloud which you can also use on your blog

Optionally, you can make a short video about your content and post it in the Facebook groups or run a Facebook ad to gain even more visibility.

You can see how creating just one piece of content can become several very easily and you will be able to distribute your content. This will help you create awareness about your company, brand and help you give relevant content to those who will join your list.

Here is my best example:


Here’s where your autoresponder series and follow up is important. If you don’t have one planned out in advance, I suggest that you start with a 7-10 day follow up at the very least.

This will ensure that when someone does optin to your list, they will be followed up with promptly with an immediate message. Introductory emails are important as it will lay down the foundation for the duration of time that your subscriber is on your email list.

How To Create A Great Introductory Email

Here’s my advice from my personal experience and what I’ve witnessed to be successful from other marketers for their email lists.

You’re introductory email should be personal. Leave most of the business emails for another time. I would suggest thanking your new subscriber, introducing yourself, offering a freebie to them when they whitelist your emails (ensures that they will receive your emails in their inbox), and giving them content so that they can begin to get to know you.

Follow Up Emails

As I’ve mentioned, you’ll need to send a series of follow up emails that will give your subscribers the opportunity to know, like and trust you. Email marketing is also about building a relationship with your prospects and customers.

Stay away from spammy words that email filters will pick up. Otherwise you risk your email ending up in the spam folder and will never see the light of day, so to speak.

Subject lines and the first sentence makes or breaks a good follow up email. Most third party email software and smartphones will give a preview of the email that will show both. So they’d better be enticing, like a good book to keep your reader engaged and want to read on.

Click Here for a list of words you MUST avoid when sending emails


You should be creating content on a regular basis. Whether it’s every week, two weeks or a month.

Follow the checklist above for marketing every piece of content that you create. You will see more leads and sales in your business if you begin to focus on making quality consistent content and distribute in with these techniques.

How to avoid writers block… err … content block for marketers

We’ve all been there before. You just not sure what to create, write or shoot a video about.

My best kept secret is that I go out and find other marketers content. I use it, report my own experience, rewrite it in my own words, style and make it entertaining.

The reason that I mentioned entertaining is because of two very important reasons. One, it will help you stand out and two it’s a fact that entertainers make more than the rest of us!

I’m not encouraging anyone to go out an plagiarize someone. If you’d like to use their writing or content for your email list then it may be best to ask them or if you do use it, at least give your source.

Creating multiple pieces of content is easier than you think

If you follow the 7 steps above you will be able to create multiple pieces of content quite easily and on a regular basis. When you focus on just one piece of content at a time and all that you can do with it, the possibilities are almost endless.

Still there are those times when you’ll need some help. Email marketing is just one part of this large business equation, video marketing is on the rise. Believe me, the two go hand in hand in building your email list.

Click here for a full list of 101 video creation ideas.


If you’re still not sure if you can create content that is creative and engaging, then there’s an easy way to do it.

Outsource your writing and content creation for your email list

Fivver is full of writers and other creative minds just begging to go to work for you. I guess the up side is it’s $5. The down side is that you may not get exactly what you were hoping for.

I will say this, some people are talented writers, but that doesn’t make them marketers. They may or may not produce something that will work for your email list.

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