videoresultsI was able to put together a 37 second video in less than 10 minutes and shared it on Facebook less than 12 hours ago. I have had just over 250 views in that time. I was able to accomplish this in Groups on Facebook which is free to post!

To be honest I forgot to put in the tracking link until this morning, but my JVzoo affiliate tracker was reporting a 10% click through ratio.

Not bad for 12 hours right? So here’s how I did it…

I just found out about a great new software suite that allows me to create custom videos in less than 10 minutes. That was only using the one program out of 5 total that is included with this entire package.

Here’s the breakdown of the software that is included here:

One Click Video Pro

This is the exact software that I was able to put together this short 37 second video that got me 10% click through and 2 sales. Remember I said that this was posted in Groups on Facebook for free so just imagine what kind of response we could get with a paid ad. Even if it was a small budget of $5 for a Facebook ad.

Video Reasearcher Suite

This software will search for videos that are making money in the market space now and you will be able to use them with clickable annotations for yourself to make money with YouTube.

Clickable images with video

This is a great piece of software that allow you to add either clickable images or video on video with just a few clicks

Tube Dynamite

This will allow you to add subtitles to any video effectively doubling up on the SEO that you can have with just one YouTube video.

Customer WordPress Theme

It’s completely optimized for video.  Google, Facebook and YouTube ad compliant.  clickresults


Now I know most of you are saying… video software is usually expensive BUT this one’s not…


See how you can use this $7 software suite to generate $1,000 a week with just a few clicks.

This is a limited time $7 offer that ends soon So click here to get it for yourself and profit today!