Hey Kevin Vugrinovich here. Today I will share with you how to post in Facebook groups from your email! It’s easy, let’s go!


Find Facebook Groups With Text Extensions

For this technique to work you will have to find the groups that you are a part of that have a text link in their URL. For Example: https://www.facebook.com/groups/workfromhomeopportunities4all/   This is the kind of URL that we are looking for . Some Facebook groups will have numbers listed instead of the text and they will not work.

Simple Addition to The Group Name

Using our example you will have to add @groups.facebook.com It should look like this: workfromhomeopportunities4all@groups.facebook.com Now we can email our posting to groups!

Use Multiple Group Names All At Once

What you can do is build a list of these groups and add it to your send “to” field in your email. The subject of the email then becomes your ad text. Use the body of the email for your link.

It’s that easy and you can send an email to post for you in your Facebook groups. Otherwise, if you’d like to use a trusted autoposter software that I use you can >>> Click Here It will give you a platform to create, plan and execute your posts when and where you want automatically.  It will also do so without sending you to FB jail!

If you use these techniques along with this software here you can generate at least 50-100 leads everyday for your business.


Disclaimer: DO NOT send to more than 50 groups at one time you will be  suspended! You will have to send from the email address that is associated with your Facebook account and you cannot do this for groups with numbers in the URL. Your are not able to post images with this technique either.