I want you to ask yourself a question…
What is the very first thing you do when you log into Facebook?

Well if you’re like 90% of the people in the world, you see that Little Red Notification Number and you click it.
You see Facebook has trained people to click to view their Notifications, they do it without even thinking!

Here are some points that makes Notification Pro FB Autoresponder a MUST HAVE SOFTWARE:

– You can Build huge lists faster than ever by using custom sign up with Facebook button, after people sign up you can redirect them to any website you like OR you can have them download a .zip file. We will even host the download on our secure servers for you, so you know that only people who sign up get your opt in offer.

– You can Send Notifications any time you like to your list. Notifications get huge responses and ‘open rates’ that email just can’t deliver. The first thing 90% of people do when they log into Facebook is check their Notifications. People are trained by Facebook to click that little red number.

– You can Create your own sales or offer pages that works right inside of Facebook. Even Facebook mobile using the built in drag and drop app creator.

– You can Send people who click your Notifications to your in Facebook sales page or offer page. No need to direct them off of Facebook (but you can if you want to).

– You can Put your Notifications on ‘auto pilot’ by setting up custom Auto Responder style message sequences.


Notification PRO is a fully hosted Facebook Auto Responder on Steroids which means there is nothing for you to download or install. You can use it from anywhere you have internet access and it is automatically updated with new features regularly as customers request them (you never have to wait for the next / new version).

Take action now!