Here’s what you don’t want to do late on a Monday night…

Emmy has a Master’s degree and plans meticulously about everything. You get the picture… daily planner with almost every hour filled in properly and neatly.

Yesterday, to save time, she started cooking for tomorrow’s lunch. Hard boiled eggs. Not my first choice for the sake of other’s olfactory senses… but hey it’s lunch.

She proudly boiled a few eggs and began preparing…

Took her time.

Then waited for just the right moment and began to reach for her eggs

Only to crack a raw egg at her desk!

Sometimes, things just aren’t what they seem to be. For example, Facebook has undergone some algorithm changes lately and the social media platform is changing on what seems to be a monthly basis.

Starting about a month ago they are suppressing ANY postings with external links. Who can blame them? They want you to spend money to use Facebook ads.  And they want you to look all of their other ads also…

Here’s what you can do to make sure you are not cracking raw eggs on your desk… or in your lap. 🙂

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