So there’s this guy…

He took a simple look at some of the easiest, no-brainer type videos on YouTube and here’s what he found.

Darn right! A goldmine!

Everyone knows that YouTube generates a ton of revenue each day and everyone says you should have your content there.

But there’s a few niches that are down right head scratching in the revenue department.

For example, the picture that I’ve put in this post is just one of the completely absurd ways to generate a ton just by using the simplest of ideas.

I mean really… Nursery Rhymes? NURSERY RHYMES!!??

The dollar sign in this picture is revenue generated PER DAY. Think about that. This nursery rhyme video generates over $3K per day, everyday.

Would it be okay if you had the opportunity to generate that kind of absurdity for your bank account?

You can.

Video is by far the easiest way to generate income online right now. Creators put up videos, get traffic and get paid. It’s that easy.

Using the SEO rich YouTube in tandem with Google is one of the simplest ways to do this. It gets even better.

There are products on other affiliate sites like JVzoo, Warrior Plus and ClickBank that have less than 10 and in some cases less than 1 ranked video on YouTube!

This means that if you had a way to target these products with your own videos and simply put them up on YouTube, you’re ranked instantly.


Because there’s no competition.

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